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Muhurta catering - In catering, you're always changing; the client is always dictating to you in terms of their wishes. Carla Hall
  1. Morbi nunc odi
    $6.00 onward
    Catering at home
    the buffet counter and saying yes to a sit- down dinner. Without the doubt, there is no need for putting up with guests complaining about having to wait for ten minutes just to help themselves to the salad bar. On the other hand, Muhurta catering is well focused on serving fewer dishes but ensuring that what is served is classy and has been specially created for the occasion. Alternatively, hosts can also opt for a traditional 3 – 4-course meal for a complete dining experience. So yes, fine dining is going to be expensive but you can bet that the menu will be an exclusive one
  2. Morbi nunc odi
    $17.00 onward
    Party or Special menu
    How about calling your friends and family over for an early brunch before or after the ceremony instead of having a traditional buffet lunch or dinner? for events on a budget, this is no doubt a great option to consider. After all, with so many delicious Intercontinental and Pan Asian brunch options to choose from beside staples from Indian cuisine, there is more scope to treat your guests’ taste buds to something more exclusive. Consider having a waffle or pancake station, an egg station, a barista to whip up hot beverages and a cold salad station.
  3. Morbi nunc odi
    $10.00 onward
    Theme Catering
    The concept of brunching at weddings or an event is winning over other options as this menu offers mind boggling variety - egg station, specialized waffles with innovative fillings, sliders, cakes, bagels, tacos, nachos, rice, pasta and even desserts! Concepts buffets can be built along the theme of the evening, for example, a rustic village setup with typically ethnic food or bringing in Parisian romance in the decor and menu.
  4. Morbi nunc odi
    $6.00 onward
    Birthday Catering
    we are seeing is a heightened interest in serving organic healthy food to guests. In fact, the dishes served are also rustic and include staple family favorites like dal- rice, palak, green salads etc. Putting up small placards informing guests where their food was grown helps to increase awareness too. Plus, by eating healthy and hearty food, guests can be assured that they get their dose of daily nutrients and have done their bit for the environment. Going organic is a great way to show your guests you truly care.
  5. Morbi nunc odi
    $13.00 onward
    Wedding Catering
    Long gone are days of having the 10 most standard dishes in your wedding cuisine. A new line of thinking is in vogue which attempts to bring a small selection of dishes cooked fresh and healthily which will instantly appeal to the modern palate. Favourite dishes shrunk down to bite sizes will also delight guests. Mini Italian dinner, shrimp and artichoke lollipops, cocktail idlis, mini dosa stuffed with haloumi cheese, caviar crackers, lobster rolls, Indian meatballs with coconut curry, gulab jamun trifle, taco chaat, anyone?
  6. Morbi nunc odi
    $4.00 onward
    Corporate Catering
    Presence of international cuisine catering at corporate is gaining ground as an increasing number of people outsource these services to specialists. International names like "Hakkasan" & "Zuma" are becoming prominent at Indian taste. With frequent travel abroad, Indians are acclimatizing to new and premium tastes. Artisanal cheeses like Burrata from Puglia, Truffle and Mushroom bars, Black raddish have a made their way into high profile employees. This makes it imperative to design an avant-garde and well thought out menu",
  1. Beverage on Board
    Indian consumers want healthier alternatives to their favorite beverages, they also want them to taste delicious. We are trying to give verity in alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.


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If you’re having a more informal party then why not offer your guests a buffet? A buffet has a number of advantages, it will work out as being cheaper than a sit-down dinner. You can offer a variety of dishes – meat, fish and vegetarian so you can be confident that you’re catering for all tastes and preferences. A buffet also makes it easier to cater for people with food allergies. And if you’re having a DIY wedding then a buffet is something that everybody can contribute to – even if you don’t want the main part of the buffet to be DIY, you could have a DIY dessert table, perhaps?