A Muhurta Celebrations venture that vows to commit excellence in the field of entertainment.
Every step has put ahead as its importance and that is exactly what The Gouratish Kashyap believes in. With a strong background in business & creatives, they have learned the commercializing art, decorations, and choreography.

As their respects art, we are in the field of entertainments and advertisement to showcase their art to the bigger market and bigger audience. Mr. Gouratish Kashyap founded Muhurta Celebrations in an endeavor to create a pedestal for the decoration, Theme and Party, Performing artists, actors with a creative bent of mind and with dedicated business.

How We Plan your Memorable Moments.

MUHURTA is known as their perfection and Choreography, Creative and development services are very closer to clients to explore exciting experiential environments to the position, design, and imaginative concepts to celebrate.
From small casual functions to large formal affairs, our experienced Special Event Coordinators are prepared to assist you in creating the event of your vision. Browse our event photo gallery to see for yourself, or for ideas for your next special event.
​​With Extensive background in sustainability, The Event Consultant can help to give your event or project the critical edge that inpress your clients and audience, positioning you as thoughtful, environmentally conscious and aware.
Event production, arranged on request
Our consultancy will develop all your key plans and strategies for your team to action efficiently. If needed, we can provide event management services to delivery your event.

1.Project Administration and Management
2.Budget, Cashflow, and Financial Management
3.Program Development and Speaker Management
4.Speaker Contracting & Fulfillment
5.Sponsorship Sales, Support, and Fulfillment
6.Registration Management and Support
7.Event Branding and Marketing
8.Event Communications and Promotion
9.Print, Production management
10.Volunteer Management
11.Social Event Planning
12.Event Production and AV Coordination
13.Facility and Hospitality Management
14.Logistics & Operations Management
15.Post-event Evaluation

Our Services

Muhurta specializes in event management for corporate, social, association and leisure clients. If your event needs to be properly conceived and executed to deliver tangible business results, Muhurta is your best assistant ever. The Muhurta team is able to provide a full-service event management experience that includes:

We do try to Create your every celebration remarkable and memorable. Your every need will be offered with event and marketing experts. Also, services from event planners and various suppliers will be available with multiple Standards and qualities. The best strategies will be implemented perfectly for your happiness and comfort. your smile is our priority. s of different requirements will be available. The best strategies will be implemented perfectly as your happiness and comfort are our priority. 
​​ Event Choreography