The process of promoting an idea/product into the marketplace through media placement. Use collatrals and creatives to make more impressive

Direct Marketing
A form of advertising which delivers its message to consumers through forms such as fliers, leaflets, catalogues and street promotion. 

Media Planning
Deals with finding the most appropriate media outlet for a client's brand or product.

Keys of Muhurta

Planning and supporting your sales teams by driving forwards sales targets and formulating a plan as to how to reach your customers in order to meet these targets.

Market Research
Generally specialising in quantitative or qualitative research a market researcher collects and analyses information which is used by companies to make informed decisions about their product or person. Will guide your decisions by getting data and information from the market, potential customers and competitors to inform your marketing strategy.

Account Handling
Involves working closely with clients, relationship building and ensuring the project runs on time and to budget within the agency, and coordinating all parties within and outside the agency to ensure the project runs smoothly. Responsible for constructing a marketing strategy for the business through understanding the company's objectives.

Responsible for the delivery and quality of the final product. They will work with all departments to ensure the product is as the customer requires.

Planning and Research
Responsibilities include planning the media output, the strategic direction of the marketing of the brand and gaining qualitative and quantitative consumer and industry insights.

Public Relations
The ongoing promotion of the reputation of a product/person in order to change opinions or influence support.